In SDIM, the faculty value teaching as the most important responsibility. Contrary to the traditional teach-and-learn style, the new teaching approach aims to provide all-around development of engineering students. The most important aspects are:

  • Responsibility for the society.
    • The student projects should aim to address the most foundamental problems in our societies through design and engineering.
  • Project based learning.
    • Through hands-on projects, the students need to define their technical approaches to certain insightful tasks after collecting information and analysing existing problems. Informed desicion making is embedded throughout the projects.
    • Learn necessary knowledge along the way and use them to solve problems. They learn the most updated knowledge (not only from decade-old textbooks, but from more recent sources such as papers, application notes or internet), and they develop this learning capability for life.
  • Student centered evaluation.
    • Each student will gather continous personalized evaluations and development suggestions throughout the projects.

Courses related to ISEE lab
SDM 242 Analog Circuit System Design (Year 2)
SDM 5002 Intelligent Sensing System in Moving Robots (Graudate)

The github page of the student projects (with project videos)