We are interested in solving the most important problems in today’s society by combining the innovative scientific concepts with the state-of-the-art engineering. We value first principle thinking. Not only it is a scientific concept, it is worthy in engineering and business

1. Robotic sensing

Robotics is advancing rapidly today, thanks to the Moore’s law and emerging algorithm. The advent of new sensor systems, although relatively few, also gave rise to a new horizon. For example, 3D lidars significantly accelerated the research and development of autonomous driving. From first principles, we research new and enabling sensing components and systems. Example sensing systems are new types of LiDARs, cameras, inertial measurement units, imaging sonic and ultrasonic sensors and their combinations. Besides the sensors at the front end, we also integrate these sensors into robotic systems to demonstrate the novelty and capabilities.

2. Optical imaging and computer vision

We would extend the optical imaging with recent advances in optics and computer vision. We will broaden the traditional optics with new dimensions such as spectroscopy, polarization, time-domain, super-resolution and photo-acoustics. We will also try to improve cameras such as in depth fusion, pixel designs and image processing. We will also explore algorithms in computer vision and deep learning and applications in robotics, medical uses and remote sensing.