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CamVox: A Low-cost and Accurate Lidar-assisted Visual SLAM System
Y Zhu, C Zheng, C Yuan, X Huang, X Hong+
IEEE ICRA 2021 [GitHub]

Low-cost Retina-like Robotic Lidars Based on Incommensurable Scanning
Z Liu, F Zhang+, X Hong+
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (2021)


Highly efficient free-space fiber coupler with 45° tilted fiber grating to access remotely placed optical fiber sensors
S Bandyopadhyay, LY Shao, W Chao, Z Yan, F Hong, G Wang, J Jiang, P Shum, X Hong, W Wang
Optics Express (2020)

Before 2019

📚Apparent breakdown of Raman selection rule at valley exciton resonances in monolayer MoS2,
SG Drapcho*, J Kim*, X Hong*, C Jin, S Shi, S Tongay, J Wu, F Wang
PRB (2017)

📚Observation of Luttinger-liquid plasmon in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes,
Z Shi*, X Hong*, H Bechtel, B Zeng, M Martin, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, Y.R. Shen, F Wang,
Nature Photonics (2015)

📚Ultrafast Generation of Pseudo-magnetic Field for Valley Excitons in WSe2 Monolayers,
J Kim*, X Hong*, C Jin, SF Shi, CY S. Chang, MH Chiu, LJ Li, F Wang,
Science (2014)

📚Optimizing Broadband Terahertz Modulation with Hybrid Graphene/Metasurface Structures,
SF Shi*, B Zeng*, HL Han*, X Hong, HZ Tsai, HS Jung, A Zettl, MF Crommie, F Wang, 
Nano Letters (2014)

📚Ultrafast Charge Transfer in Atomically Thin MoS2/WS2 Heterostructures,
X Hong*, J Kim*, S.-F Shi*, C Jin, Y Sun, S Tongay, Y Zhang, J Wu, Y Zhang, F Wang, 
Nature Nanotechnology (2014)

📚Van der Waals-coupled electronic states in incommensurate double-walled carbon nanotubes,
K Liu*, C Jin*, X Hong, J Kim, Alex Zettl, E Wang, F Wang, 
Nature Physics (2014)

📚Systematic Determination of Absolute Absorption Cross-section of Individual Carbon Nanotubes,
K Liu*, X Hong*, S Choi, C Jin, RB Capaz, J Kim, S Aloni, W Wang, X Bai, SG Louie, E Wang, F Wang, 
PNAS (2014)

📚Probing Local Strain at MX2-Metal Boundaries with Surface Plasmon Enhanced Raman Scattering,
Y Sun* , K Liu*, X Hong, M Chen , J Kim , SF Shi , J Wu ,A Zettl, F Wang, 
Nano Letters (2014)

📚Three-Dimensional Spirals of Atomic Layered MoS2,
L Zhang, K Liu, AB Wong, J Kim, X Hong, C Liu, T Cao, SG Louie,F Wang, P Yang,
Nano Letters (2014)

📚Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Submonolayers on Surfaces by Infrared Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Tetramantane on Au (111),
IV Pechenezhskiy*, X Hong*, GD Nguyen*, JEP Dahl, RMK Carlson, F Wang, MF Crommie,
Physical Review Letters (2013)

📚 High-throughput Imaging and Spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in Devices with Light Microscopy,
K Liu*, X Hong*, Q Zhou, C Jin, J Li, W Zhou, J Liu, E Wang, A Zettl, F Wang, 
Nature Nanotechnology (2013)

📚 Intermolecular interactions and substrate effects for an adamantane monolayer on a Au(111) surface,
Y Sakai, GD Nguyen, RB Capaz, S Coh, IV Pechenezhskiy, X Hong, F Wang, MF Crommie, S Saito, SG Louie, ML Cohen,
Physics Review B (2013)

📚Quantum-coupled radial-breathing oscillations in double-walled carbon nanotubes,
K Liu, X Hong, M Wu, F Xiao, W Wang, X Bai, JW Ager, S Aloni, A Zettl, E Wang, F Wang,
Nature Communications (2013)

📚An atlas of carbon nanotube optical transitions,
K Liu, J Deslippe, F Xiao, RB Capaz, X Hong, S Aloni, A Zettl, W Wang, X Bai, SG Louie, E Wang, F Wang,
Nature Nanotechnology (2012)

📚Broadly tunable mode-hop-free mid-infrared light source with MgO: PPLN continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator
X Hong*, X Shen*, M Gong, F Wang,
Optics Letters (2012)

📚Intrinsic radial breathing oscillation in suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes,
K Liu, W Wang, M Wu, F Xiao, X Hong, S Aloni, X Bai, E Wang, F Wang,
Physical Review B (2011)

* denotes equal contributing first author
+ denotes corresponding author