Prof. Xiaoping Hong
PhD UC Berkeley
Assistant Professor, SUSTech

Dr. Xiaoping Hong focuses on interdisciplinary research ranging from robotics, sensing, optics, opto-electronics, opto-mechanics and materials. Trained as an experimental physicist specializing in optics and solid state physics, he obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley, where he built state-of-the-art instruments to probe optoelectronic properties of nanomaterials. He joined Honeywell in 2014 as a senior research scientist, researching on various advanced sensing technology including photon ionization gas detection (PID), infrared sensors and biometric sensors. In 2016, he joined DJI as an R&D director working on sensing technology and products, and founded and led the optoelectronics group for optics-related research and product development. He is now a consulting Fellow at DJI Research.

In physics, Dr. Hong published 16 journal publications, many of them as first (equal) author in Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Photonics, PRL etc., with a total citation exceeding 2000 times as on Google Scholar. In DJI, Dr. Hong has filed more than 100 international patent (PCT) applications with many patents granted by the U.S. and China Patent Office as of 2019. Currently Dr. Hong is interested in novel sensor design, computer vision and robotic applications.

In 2019, Dr. Hong joined SDIM as an assistant professor. SDIM is a new school in SUSTech featuring student-centered education, project-based learning and interdisciplinary research.


Mr. Licheng Liang
M. Eng.
Research: intelligent ultrasonic sensors

Ms. Yu Zhou
M. Eng.
Research: high resolution lidar point cloud optimization

Mr. Yuewen Zhu
M. Eng.
Research: intelligent sensing platform in mobile robots
Mr. Liang Wang
M. Phil.
Research: robotic sensing in agriculture